What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process which provides litigants with the ability to have their disputes heard, and determined by a neutral arbitrator, rather than proceeding through a court of law. Parties and litigators know that arbitration has the ability to bring an expedient and cost effective resolution to disputes, without either the long time delays or large volumes of written discovery which have become hallmarks of civil litigation today.

The problem is that some arbitrators have lost sight of the many benefits of arbitration, and allowed the arbitration process to devolve into a process which is as slow as our overloaded court system.

The solution is finding the right arbitrator for your dispute, someone who hasn’t lost sight of what arbitration can and should be. A good arbitrator should keep in mind the parties’ desire for expediency, balanced with the need for the parties to be able to reasonably evaluate the claims at issue. A good arbitrator should spend the time needed to evenhandedly evaluate the facts and law presented, balanced by a proper application of the law to the unique circumstances of the pending action.

Jason Turner, an AV Preeminent® Peer Review Rated attorney listed as an arbitrator on the panel of the American Arbitration Association, is ready to help bring your case to an efficient and cost effective resolution.

Fees allocated in accordance with the the agreement providing for arbitration, or the agreement of the parties, where applicable. If proceeding through an arbitration provider, the provider’s fee schedule controls. Otherwise, please contact The Law Office of Jason E. Turner, APC for current fee schedule.