Construction Contracts

Successful construction projects start with a well drafted contract.

Jason Turner has worked diligently to refine his skills with drafting and negotiating contracts, not only to help ensure compliance with applicable laws, but to provide a clear, understandable framework that enables the parties to work together effectively throughout the contract term.

Jason Turner has significant experience drafting and modifying residential prime contracts (contracts between property owners and general contractors), for extremely large multi-million dollar estates built “from the ground up,” moderate construction projects, and small home renovations. Whether the parties desire to customize an American Institute of Architects (“AIA”) template, or create a unique agreement suited to the specific needs of the parties, Jason Turner knows how to craft a balanced agreement that makes sense.

Jason Turner also has a great deal of experience with home improvement contracts, intended to comply with California’s specific guidelines for the improvement of existing homes. California’s home improvement contract regulations require specific terminology, making it extremely important for homeowners and contractors to utilize a contract which follows these regulations.

Jason Turner has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney in California and knows how to write an effective contract. Whether you are a homeowner, a general contractor, specialty contractor, or materials supplier, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have your contract drafted or negotiated by someone who knows the industry.

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