Personal Injury

Over 20 Years of Experience Resolving Injury Claims.

The Law Office of Jason E. Turner, APC has handled a wide range of personal injury claims over the past 20 years, including: car accidents, motorcycle collisions, bicycle accidents, slip/trip & fall claims, animal related injuries, battery, wrongful death actions, and premises liability claims.

Some firms handle hundreds of injury cases at a time, which can cause clients to wonder if the attorney is only willing to take on cases which provide them with a quick and easy settlement. However, an early resolution is not always in the client’s best interest. While reaching an early resolution may be an admirable goal, there should be confidence that the attorney chosen to provide representation is putting their interests first, treating them more like family, and less like a number.

The Law Office of Jason E. Turner, APC only takes on a small number of cases at a time so you get the time and attention your case deserves.

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