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Get Paid for Your Work

If you’re a general contractor working on a new building or renovation project and haven’t been paid yet, I can help you get the situation resolved promptly. I’ve had multiple cases in which I was able to reach a resolution quickly. While no one can guarantee an overnight resolution, I can propose an effective path to a reasonable settlement, given my experience resolving matters expeditiously.

What the Process Looks Like


Contact me to discuss your situation so I can identify your needs and determine the best next step for you.


If we agree that working together is the next step, I’ll gather necessary details to assess.


I’ll develop the strategy and get started on your case.

High-End Residential Construction Related Legal Services Include:

excavator and dump truck

Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process that provides litigants with the ability to have their disputes heard and determined by a neutral arbitrator, rather than proceeding through a court of law. 

If you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective resolution to your dispute without the long-time delays or large volume of written discovery, I’m an Arbitrator with a wide range of experience with construction disputes, and I’m here to help.

Signing of the contract and payment for construction and engineering works.

Construction projects can run into several different types of disputes and disagreements. This can include everything from disputes over construction costs, billing procedures or approvals, the scope of work, whether the work was properly performed, or defects in the work performed.

That’s where a well-crafted contract can save the day.


Construction disputes are extremely common, but attorneys who can help you find the best path forward are not. I’m here to help you.

Although I have experience with residential and commercial construction projects, I have significant expertise with complex high-end residential construction litigation. I can also assist with your other legal needs as they arise through the duration of construction projects.

Construction Electric Contractor Wearing Hard Hat Building Electrical System. Industrial Theme.

Quarterbacking is a process whereby an attorney helps coordinate a wide range of legal tasks and activities for a client, which may include independent specialty counsel (such as insurance coverage counsel) or third-party construction experts.

Workman in overalls installing or adjusting plastic windows in the living room at home

The Advice YOu Need

Get Paid for Your Work

Being proactive, rather than reactive, can make a world of a difference. I don’t merely focus on the singular issues now in dispute, but instead work to give my clients a better view of the “big picture,” including actions which can be taken to reduce the potential of new disputes from arising. This approach has led multiple persons in the construction industry to seek my feedback and advice, and has even resulted in opposing attorneys referring clients to me, knowing the value I can provide.