Common construction disputes in California

Construction companies are often hired by property owners or developers to build new buildings, perform renovations, and repair damaged properties. While it may seem straightforward, there are many disagreements that may arise at various stages of the construction project. When a dispute arises, it can be beneficial to have an attorney specializing in construction law on your side to protect your reputation, as well as your finances.

What are some common causes of construction disputes?

There are many possible reasons why a dispute may arise among owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and other parties involved in the project. Some of the most common reasons include:

Contract issues

Ambiguities, errors, and omissions in the contract itself can be a source of disagreement. Parties may disagree on what certain terms mean and the scope of work covered by the contract.

Breach of contract

Even if a contract is well-worded, a party may fail to adhere to the terms of the contract. A breach of contract may stem from:

  • Failure to complete work in a timely fashion or unreasonable delays.
  • Negligent supervision
  • Poor workmanship
  • Defective materials
  • Failure to complete work or abandonment of the project
  • Failure to pay contractors and subcontractors for work performed

Changes in site conditions

The initial construction bid is typically based on the assumption that the site conditions at the project site are as promised by the surveyors who reviewed the site prior to the start of the project. However, project costs may vary if there are unforeseen site conditions or issues below the surface that were missed by surveyors.

Many construction disputes can be avoided with a well-worded contract and strong communication between all parties involved, but some will arise unexpectedly. A construction law attorney can help resolve many of the common issues that arise.

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