Solve Disputes Faster and Cheaper

The Right Arbitrator Makes All the Difference

A construction contract was prepared. Work has been performed. But now problems have arisen. Tension grows. Things are drawn out. And now the parties are worried that the process of resolving the dispute could become so costly and ineffective that they will hemorrhage cash for years to come.

But there is something you can do to get it resolved quickly and cost-effectively.


Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process that provides litigants with the ability to have their disputes heard and determined by a neutral arbitrator rather than proceeding through a court of law. 

If you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective resolution to your dispute without the long-time delays or overwhelming volume of written discovery, then give me a call.

When You Want Your Case Determined Quickly & Efficiently Out of Court

As an AV Preeminent* peer-review-rated attorney and listed as an arbitrator on the panel of the American Arbitration Association, I have the experience to bring your case to an efficient and cost-effective resolution.


Save Time & Money to Avoid Litigation through the Court

I know the law, and how to follow it. I’ve served as an arbitrator on many unique civil matters, doing my best to ensure that I reach a determination that “gets it right” the first time.

Many times, litigants will have concerns that an arbitrator will simply “split the baby,” instead of making a concerted effort to actually read the key documents, truly listen to the testimony, and pay attention to the law applicable to the dispute.

I am not the same as most arbitrators, I take great pains to ensure that my determinations are unbiased, rational and supported by the facts and law.