Contracts form the backbone of construction projects in Irvine

Whether it is the erection of a new home or commercial building, the demolition of a building or the renovation of an existing building, contracts form the backbone of many construction projects in California, setting the rules and tone of the entire project. It is important to ensure that all construction contracts comply with applicable laws and that both sides to the contract understand and agree to its terms.

What are some common types of construction contracts?

There are many types of construction contracts that may be entered into in any specific project. These include prime contracts, subcontract agreements, purchase orders, scope of work and construction schedules, general and special conditions, drawings and technical specifications, change orders and substitutions and retention agreements and progress payments, among many others.

Disputes occur when contracts are not clear

It is important that construction contracts are not ambiguous or poorly thought out. An unclear agreement can lead to a construction disputes. While many of these disputes can be settled through mediation or arbitration, sometimes litigation is necessary to resolve a construction dispute. There are always two sides to a dispute, so it is important that you understand your rights and options when it comes to resolving the dispute.

Our firm handles contract cases

At our firm, we work to help our clients execute construction contracts that are clear and enforceable. We also help protect the rights of those who suffered damages due to the breach of an existing contract. We understand how important it is that a construction project has all the types of contracts needed to ensure successful completion of the project. Our firm’s website on construction contracts may be a useful resource for those who want to learn more about this topic.

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