ADR: Choosing arbitration and the right arbitrator

Now that the courts have reopened after months of closures, we are beginning to see that the backlogs for all types of cases have increased exponentially. This is because most courts had backlogs prior to the slow-downs, remote work and shut downs of the past year, and those work stoppages only increased those backlogs, even on “routine” cases. This is why many people are looking to alternative dispute resolution models, and this is why so many are looking at arbitration and the right arbitrator.

What is arbitration?

In essence, arbitration is a courtroom alternative where a dispute is resolved privately, but the litigants still try their case before a neutral arbitrator who acts as the judge. This is often much faster and more cost-effective than traditional court litigation. And, during these times of extremely long court delays, arbitration has become the gold standard, while keeping all the traditional hallmarks of civil litigation.

How to choose the right arbitrator?

Unfortunately, many arbitrators have lost sight of why people choose arbitration. They have allowed their “court rooms” to devolve into the same litigation nightmare that litigants are trying to avoid. This is why when litigants are looking for the right arbitrator, they should look for one that has an expedient, balanced and knowledgeable approach, with an ability and willingness to quickly and reasonably evaluate the litigant’s claims.

We are the right choice

The Law Office of Jason E. Turner, APC, provides that expedient, balanced and knowledgeable approach to Irvine, Orange County and throughout Southern California residents. Our firm serves as a qualified neutral to settle disputes. For example, our attorney, Jason Turner, is an AV Preeminent peer-review rated attorney. He is also a registered arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association.

Types of arbitration services

Mr. Turner offers arbitration services for most kinds of civil matters. These include construction law, contract disputes and person injury matters. And, our fees are allocated by agreement and agreed upon prior to the arbitration proceeding. Contact us today for a free consultation because our firm is dedicated to experience, integrity, dedication and results.

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