What is a construction defect?

Construction projects in Southern California can be large-scale events that take time and many participants to complete. When a construction project hits a snag, however, the completion of the project can be threatened and the contracts that bind the parties together may be called into question. This post will identify some forms of construction defects that appear in California projects, but readers should remember that this post is not offered as legal advice. When questions regarding construction defects arise, individuals can reach out to their trusted construction litigation attorneys for advice and support.

Recognizing construction defects

There are several categories of defects that may appear in construction projects. Those categories include:

  • Design defects: Defects that prevent projects from being up to code or meeting the specifications of the project.
  • Subsurface defects: Defects with the ground the project is built on that threaten its stability.
  • Construction or building defects: Defects related to the quality or care of workmanship provided in the building of the project.
  • Material defects: Defects that present in the materials and supplies used to build a construction project.

When a construction defect is found, it can create problems for every party related to the project. Support from knowledgeable construction lawyers can help the parties work out their disagreements and keep the project moving forward.

How are construction defect claims resolved?

When a construction defect is found on a project, the parties often must turn to their governing contracts to determine how resolution should be sought. They may be subject to arbitration or mediation proceedings to settle their differences, or the parties may have rights to litigate their disagreements in court. However the parties are permitted to address construction problems or defects on building projects, they can choose to work with knowledgeable attorneys to ensure that their rights are protected.


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